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How will I communicate with properties that interest me?
  • All contact information is included in the listing.

Do I have to pay a fee to use this Website?
No, all prospective renters may browse this site for free.


How much does a listing cost?

  • Each listing is $35.00 with pictures for 30 days.

What services are provided with my listing fee?
  • All that is provided with your fee is your property listing with pictures.  Signs can be purchased or rented for an addtional fee.

Can I add property photographs and floor plans to my listing?
  • Yes, 4 pictures are included, additional pictures are $5.00 each.

I have multiple listings.  Can they all be listed together in one listing or does each require a separate listing?
  • Each rental unit/ property requires a separate listing.

How do I pay for my listing?
  • You will use PayPal or a credit card on the website.

How can I receive an accounting of my transaction for my records?
  • Simply print the page once you have finished.

How do I place my listing on the Website?
  • You will create an account and fill out the forms to create your listing.

How do I remove/edit my listing?
  • You can change your ad online if it is incorrect.  You can delete you ad if the property rents however you will be charged for 30 days and if you want to post that same ad again some day you will have to reenter your information.  If you contact us via email we can remove your ad from the website but keep you infromation about the proerty in our database.  If at any time in the future you choose you want your property listed again you will have to purchase credits and email us and we will reactive your ad so you do not have to fill in all the information again.

How long will it take to rent my property?
  • makes no guarantees on the length of time it takes to rent your property.

How will I be contacted by prospective tenants?
  • You will provide information on how you wish to be contacted in your listing.

How does the Website protect my personal information?
  • does not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.




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